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Podcast: Rethinking Food - the Backyard Garden

As part of the Lancaster Health Festival (Sept 2020) podcast series, I was interviewed alongside garden designer, Jennifer Lauruol, by Royal Lancaster Infirmary chaplain, Ian Dewar.

The podcast explores some simple ways to incorporate plants in your life to maintain and improve health on many levels. It includes Jennifer discussing edible hedges and Julia sharing information about the health-giving properties of some easily-identifiable garden weeds.

It was a pleasure to share this platform with Jennifer. Her garden design practice (Carpe Diem Garden Design - https://carpediemgardens.co.uk) is firmly rooted in permaculture, and she and I have swapped ideas on plants and health for many years now.

A link to the podcast is here

And you can find it here with other podcasts from the festival https://www.thelancasterhealthfestival.org.uk/podcasts/

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